Privacy Policy

Last update: 5th May 2020


Akeo AS and its affiliates & associates (hereby referred to as “we,” “our,” “us”) are concerned about the privacy of your data and information while using our products and services. This privacy policy (hereby referred to as “policy”) applies to the users accessing and using Akeo Meeting website and platform (individually and collectively referred to as “website”) and helps you understand how we collect, use, store, process, and share the user data.

Akeo Meeting helps you plan and outline meetings, add agenda, notes, tasks, and decisions, etc. (together as “services”) all at one place. The policy is in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By visiting the website, you agree to the terms of our privacy policy and also acknowledge that we hold the right to modify or delete the terms without any prior notice. Your continued usage will show your consent with the changes or modifications made to the policy. If you have any queries or confusion regarding the policy, feel free to contact us by email at

Your rights

As our policy is GDPR compliant and in line with other regulations, it is our duty to inform you about your rights in regards to the data we collect, hold, and process.

Information we collect and receive

We collect information when you visit our website and use its services.

Data we collect

While you visit our website, we collect basic information about your activity including but not limited to the pages you visit, how much time you have spent and items you click, user demographics, total traffic, etc.

We collect basic information about the user’s device including IP address, web browser, operating server to provide the best of services. Apart from the basic information about the device, we also collect the location details of the user so to serve more relevant and useful information.

We collect information about the user’s Google account (username and password) and Google calendar that includes all the meetings that have been scheduled and will be scheduled in the future.

We also collect information about the services you are using or not using on our website. This helps us to track the performance of our website and what challenges users are facing while using the services of our website.

Data you provide

This is the information that users provide us while browsing our website and using its services. The information could include the personal details like name and email of the user or the meetings that have been created on our website.

We collect personal details like name, email, country, and software information when the user tries to create an account, contact us through the form present on our website or contact us page, or through the comment section. The information will also include details which the user chooses to provide through the message box.

While using our website, the user provides various information regarding daily business meetings including but not limited to the email ids, meeting location and schedule, agendas, meeting minutes, and time zones.

We also offer a fun quiz on our website which you can access. While the user plays the quiz, we may record the choices to display the result. To get the result, the user is required to provide his or her name when asked at the end to get the result.


We use cookies and similar technologies on our website to offer better and more personalized to the users. You can read about our complete cookie policy by clicking here.

How we use the information

We use the information that we collect and receive, as described below.

Personalize and improve our website

We use collected information such as user activity to analyze the website performance and improve it to be more user-friendly and personalized. This also helps us to know which services are working for users and what can be changed, added or deleted. It helps us to make the website more relevant for the user.

Provide services

We use the information to provide our core services to the users. Gathering personal details such as name, email id, and password helps us to keep our users signed in to our website and use its services without any interruption. It also allows the website to send emails to the respective user account when required. For example, when a user clicks on send agenda button on the website, a mail is sent to all attendees on their respective email ids.
Collecting Google account details and calendar allows us to sync all the meetings with Akeo Meeting so that the user can easily book meetings on our website and use other services without any restrictions.

Ads and other sponsored content

We use the information to analyze user preferences to offer personalized Ad experience to the users like offers and discounts for the premium version. Processing the information including the services users interact with, the users of the blog are interested in, the pages that users are visiting helps us to show ads which we believe will be more suitable and informative for our users.

Research and development

We use the information to conduct and support research and innovation so that better services can be produced to offer the best experience to the users.

Track the performance of the website

We use the information to track the overall performance of the website and the effectiveness of its services. The data including the number of users, active users, most visited pages, most used services, and more helps us to measure the performance of every aspect of our website so that necessary changes can be made to improve the user experience.


The personal details we collect from the user at various stages help us to communicate with them through the chat box, email, and other modes. It helps us to resolve queries of the users at any stage and communicate with them to get feedback and suggestions from time to time. This also helps us to create a healthy relationship with the users and offer them with the best of experience.

Marketing and promotion

We use the personal details of the users to send marketing and promotional emails, which we believe might interest the users. We will also send you marketing communication through popups on the website. The emails could include tips and tricks to effective meetings and similar topics, tutorials about the website, announcements, offers, communication related to convert to the pro version, and more. If you don’t want to receive marketing and promotional communication from us, you can opt out by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email or clicking on don’t show me again link right in the pop up.

Referral program

We collect data of people referred by current users to communicate and offer them services.

Sharing data with affiliates and third parties

We might share your personal data collected with our affiliates and third parties with a sole purpose to serve you better. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for generating profits.

Legally required releases of information

We may be legally required to disclose your personal information if such disclosure is

Disclosures to successors

If Akeo AS is sold or merged or in whole or partly with another company that would become responsible for providing the website and its services to you, we retain the right to transfer your personal information to the new company. The new company would retain the right to use your information according to their terms.

Disclosure of data

We may disclose the user information we collect in the good belief that such action is required to:

Email policy

We send auto-generated emails to users when they access and use our services like booking meetings, sending minutes of meeting, agenda etc. We also send emails to our subscribers on a regular basis for the promotion of our website and its services, offers, tips, tutorials, blogs, and other marketing communication which we believe might interest you. You can always opt out of our mailing list here if you do not wish to receive further emails. However, this may not stop the emails that you will receive by the website when you use the services.

It may take some time to complete the process. So, you might receive promotional content on your email id even if you have clicked on unsubscribe link. We do not sell, rent or trade your email addresses to any third parties unless or otherwise stated in the privacy policy.

Security policy

We have tried to build our website to be safe and secure for the users. We also conduct regular checks to safeguard the information of the users with the help of third parties. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee against the loss or misuse of your personal information over the internet because of its nature.

Children’s policy

We do not knowingly gather any personal data from users under the age of 16. If you are a parent or guardian and you discover that your child under the age of 16 shared personal data with us, please contact us on, and we will take steps to delete that data from our servers.

Your consent

By visiting our website and using its services, you agree and acknowledge to our privacy policy. You provide your consent on what information we collect from you and how we process it for the reasons mentioned in the policy. This policy is on the lines of GDPR, and you have all the rights to stop us from collecting the information and process it for any reason. You can reach us anytime to use your rights. However, we may take some time to process the request.

Revisions to this policy

We hold the right to alter, update, and delete this privacy policy at any point of time. We will notify you about the changes made to the policy through any means we see helpful and convenient. In all cases, your continued use of our website and services after any change to this privacy policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.

We have tried to include all aspects of the website in regards to user privacy. However, there might be cases that are beyond the policy and control of Akeo AS. In such cases, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to take the final decision.

Contact us

If you have any confusions or queries regarding our privacy policy, feel free to contact us at