Cookie Policy

Last update: 5th May 2020

Akeo AS (hereby referred to as “we,” “us,” “our,” and “Akeo AS”) uses cookies and other technologies like web beacons, pixels, and tags (referred to as “cookies”) to enhance the user experience on Akeo Meeting website This cookie policy explains how and where the website uses cookies to keep transparency on how and why we collect data when the user visits our website and use its services.

By continuing to visit our website and use its services, you acknowledge and accept the use of cookies as we have described by Akeo AS in this cookie policy (hereby referred to as the “policy”). You can opt-out of the policy by disallowing us to use cookies from your browser settings.

If you have any confusion or queries regarding the policy, feel free to reach us at

What are cookies and other storage technologies?

Cookies are small pieces of text that a website or app places on the user’s device when the user visits the platform. Cookies are used to store information on web browsers and collect information regarding how the user is interacting with the website or app. The information is then used to enhance user experience on the website. Cookies are also used to receive identifiers and other relevant information on computers, phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

What type of cookies Akeo AS uses?

There are four types of cookies used on our website, which are mentioned below:

Session cookies – Session cookies are temporary cookies and expires after your session ends. These cookies allow us to track your usage of the website so that you can easily pick up where you left. They act as bookmarks so that users don’t have to start navigating the website all over again. It also helps us to keep you logged in until you sign out from your account to end your session.

Performance cookies – Performance cookies help us to track the performance of our website in terms of the page visited, bounce rates, and dwell time. This way, we can analyze what our users like and what they don’t. Performance cookies allow us to modify our website content based on users’ interest.

Permanent cookies – Permanent cookies are permanent and remain on the users’ device even if the session has ended. The cookies get activated whenever the user returns to the website until they are manually cleared. These cookies help us to remember the username and password of users so that they don’t have to enter them all the time. Apart from that, these cookies also allow us to remember user preferences on the website every time they visit and log in to their account.

Advertising or targeting cookies – Advertising cookies are generally placed and to develop a profile of users’ browsing interests and serve relevant advertisements on other websites and search engines such as Google. With these cookies, we will be able to show advertisements the user might be interested in. If cookies are disabled, the user will see less targeted and more irrelevant ads on the internet.

Why Akeo AS uses cookies?

Akeo AS uses cookies to provide, track, personalize, and improve Akeo Meeting website (including the website’s content and features), and advertisements. The use of cookies on the website falls under the below-mentioned purposes.


We use cookies to verify your account and determine when you are logged in so that you don’t have to enter login credentials every time you come to the website. It makes it easier for us to show appropriate features to the users.


Cookies help us to store user preferences when you visit our website and interact with pages and features. Cookies also help us to save your name and email id when you try to contact us the next time.

Website security

Cookies help us to enhance the security and safety features of our website and prevent any frauds and cyber-attacks. We also use cookies to impose security measures when someone tries to violate the website’s policies.

Advertising, recommendation, and tracking

We use cookies to help show ads on other websites and search engines to people who may be interested in Akeo Meeting and its services. Cookies also help us to provide personalized recommendations to the users based on their interaction with the website. Also, cookies help us track and measure the performance of our ad campaigns across different browsers and devices used by the same user.


Cookies help us to offer the best experience on our website. We use cookies to record page load time, device resolutions to ensure the best view.

Analytics and research

We use cookies to how people are using Akeo Meeting so that we can improve our website and services. We will create aggregated reports comprising traffic, user demographics, top pages, popular blogs, and more with the help of cookies.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track website performance by gathering data about the user such as age, gender, page views, session duration, etc. and create aggregated reports. This data helps us to keep a track on the website performance, market and advertise the services, analyze website traffic, enhance the website to serve you better. Google Analytics plants a permanent cookie on your device through your browser to identify you the next time you visit the website. This helps us to know if you are a new or returned user. The data that we gather through Google Analytics is also used to make reports to calculate our growth and website popularity. To get more information on how to control the information collected by Google, please visit the link here.

Facebook remarketing

We use Facebook to market the website’s features and services to the users. You will see the website’s news/event/product updates in your Facebook feed if you have visited our website, liked us on Facebook, or shown interest in any manner. For this to happen, Facebook uses a ‘Custom Audience Pixel’ that is activated when a user visits on the website, and a permanent cookie is placed on their device through the web browser. Facebook will collect basic information about the user, including but not limited to, IP address, demographics, profile information, likes, and interests, etc. For more information on the data usage by Facebook and control the same, visit this link.

Google AdWords remarketing

We use Google AdWords to remarket the website’s services and features to users based on their interest. With Google AdWords Remarketing, if you have browsed our website, you will see ads of the website while you browse Google Search. For this to happen, Google will place a permanent cookie on your device to identify you as a user. The cookie will collect your basic information including but not limited to pages you have viewed, products you are interested in, gender, location, age, and more. You can opt-out of Google’s use of cookies and remarketing by clicking this link.

How do you control the use of cookies on our website?

You can control the use of cookies on your device in any browser. Most browsers these days allow users to block and erase cookies placed by websites and apps on their devices. You can control your cookie usage preferences by visiting your browser settings. However, if you disallow cookies on your device, you might end up hampering your overall experience on the website by limiting us to serve you with all the features and services of the website. For the help of users, we have provided ‘Help Links’ for the most popular internet browsers. You can get information about the cookie settings by the link for the respective browser. This information is also available through your computer’s help center, which you can access by clicking F1.

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If you are facing any confusion or have questions regarding our use of cookies or the data we are collecting and processing, contact us at