"71% of senior managers in a survey said their meetings are unproductive and inefficient."
- Harvard Business Review

  • Does your meeting go off-track without discussing the agenda?
  • Do you often search for meeting minutes templates?
  • Do you wish people came more prepared for your meetings?
  • Do you search for emails and chats to find discussions and decisions from a meeting?

Perfect for all your face-to-face & remote meetings

Eliminate the need to remember, manage, and follow-up meetings with Akeo Meeting. Now, sort everything seamlessly - from booking meetings to sending MoMs.

Sync your timezone and calendar automatically

Create the meeting agenda and share instantly

Write meeting minutes in a professional format

Send out minutes email to attendees in one click

Assign tasks to attendees with deadlines

Collaborate on tasks with an intuitive taskboard

Keep a track of your meetings with Meeting series

Now connect your recurring meetings like daily scrum or project discussions into a series and track your progress effectively.

Run effective remote

Use Akeo Meeting in addition to your remote meeting tools like Zoom, Skype and keep track of discussions of all meetings in one place. Your perfect meeting assistant.

Seamless integration with your calendars

Akeo Meeting easily syncs your Google and Microsoft Outlook calendar so that all your meetings are available to you at one place. Go ahead plan your agenda and ace those meetings!